We offer consultancy services for businesses and individuals using Microsoft Excel. We also offer Excel Training for all skills levels.
Excel ConsultancyExcel Training

Excel Consultancy

Excel Training

Excel Consultancy

Has your business been growing? Congratulations! Do you find that with that growth new challenges have arisen? Spreadsheets have become more complicated, larger and unmanageable. Reporting requirements have become bigger, more complex and more urgent. Datasets are larger and more onerous to analyse. Employees are stretched and struggling to keep on top of day to day tasks. If this sounds familiar maybe I can help. 

We provide a suite of consultancy services aimed at providing you with business solutions to improve your timings and accuracy. We provide a bespoke consulting service to help you develop, fix and automate your spreadsheets and then train your staff on how to use the improved tools to deliver more accurate information in a more timely manner across all areas of the business. We can also assist with data analysis giving important business intelligence and insight into how the various areas of your business are performing.

Because its our business and passion we take care of the finer details and help free up your employees’ time to work on other important business tasks. 

Excel Training

As well as bespoke training offered to our consultancy clients, we also offer general Excel training available for anyone who would like to ‘Step-up’ their Excel use. 

Training can be provided at our facility in Harare or on-site training is available for group bookings at a company location. 

The current course offering includes the following: 

  • Basic Excel 
  • Intermediate Excel
  • Advanced Excel 

The focus of our training courses are to give each attendee the tools that they need to effectively and efficiently use Excel in their every day lives.